I found some cool weird TAROT CARDS and I had to share

I found some cool weird TAROT CARDS and I had to share

Everybody loves Tarot Cards, but I have a thing for WEIRD cards and decks.  Here are some cool ones I have found and one day I will gather them all.  To own each one would fulfil my lifes destiny.  

#1 The Etah Love Second Sight Deck 

The Second Sight tarot collection offers a haunting spin on all twenty-two Major Arcana cards. Drawn in the macabre tattooing style of artist Sofa Oblina, each card features a world of occult symbols to be used in divination, fortune telling, or any other mystic undertaking you may endeavour. 


#2 The Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry

How can we possibly embrace our truest self if we never step into the dark? Author and occultist Travis McHenry reveals the secret daemons of the 17th-century and conjures their powers into this unique set of 78-divination cards. Drawing on daemons, symbols, and sigils from ancient magickal grimoires including Archidoxis Magica and the Key of Solomon, Occult Tarot presents a fully realized divination tool to finally embrace and behold the mysteries of the night. The first tarot deck to faithfully adhere to the Solomonic principles of demon conjuration, Occult Tarot allows practitioners to discover the power of ancient demons and learn to tame the beasts that wander between the physical and spiritual worlds.


#3 The Book of Azathoth Tarot Deck

A Rider type deck based on H P Lovecrafts Cthulhu mythos. Intricate pen and ink drawings on parchment colored card stock draw you into the realm of the Elder Gods. A collector deck, this does not come with any sort of instruction book.  The Azathoth Tarot is Nemo's Lockers' homage to the great Howard Phillips Lovecraft and is intended to be a deck that might have existed in the Lovecraftian universe, perhaps even used by the witch, Keziah Mason, or old wizard Whateley; and to carry forward the eldrich atmosphere that Lovecraft weaved so well. Detailed pen and ink drawings create this full 78 card Tarot deck which comes cradled snugly in a heavy lidded presentation box.


#4 Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition

Stylized characters and moonlit dreamscapes draw you into the luminescent world of Deviant Moon Tarot. With larger cards, this special Borderless Edition. Patrick Valenza's stunning artwork and allows readers to connect more deeply with the evocative tarot imagery. Includes 48-page booklet.