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Aoi Haunted Doll ~ 16" Antique Stockinette Geisha Vessel ~ Paranormal ~ Yokai ~ Inari Ōkami

Aoi Haunted Doll ~ 16" Antique Stockinette Geisha Vessel ~ Paranormal ~ Yokai ~ Inari Ōkami

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Aoi is an amazing, very celestial feeling yokai, and she is definitely a "spring" vibe.  She is a "manifesting" Yokai who has been with us for a long time.  Aoi is a beacon of good energy and positivity.  Her vessel is OLD and she was part of Lisa's personal collection for many years.  Lisa would call upon her for fertility rituals because Aoi is so deeply connected to Inari Ōkami.  Inari Ōkami is the Japanese kami of foxes, fertility, rice, tea, and sake, agriculture and industry, general prosperity, and worldly success.  I feel like Aoi was connected to her long before her death in Japan in the 1930s.  Aoi was a young woman who was about to be married but died before her wedding day.  She told us that Inari Ōkami granted her the ability to stay with her family until they passed on. She never said why.  She never explained why or how she became attached to the doll vessel.  Lisa told us that Aoi had been originally found in New york City in a tenement building that was being emptied out after the death of the renters.  Lisa always suspected that those renters were Aoi's parents.  She believed they came over to America after the death of their only daughter.  Lisa also believed that Aoi's mother was in contact with her daughter after her death, either due to her own clairvoyance or because of  Inari Ōkami.  I find Aoi to be a very special, very interesting yokai.  She seems to be able to read our minds, which I love.  She also seems to want to be heard, so she makes sure we are able to hear and understand her.  She is very clear and to the point.  She doesn't mince words.  Aoi is very results-oriented.  She wants us to ask for what we need from her.  It feels like she might petition Inari Ōkami on our behalf.  Either that or she has the strength to grant us things on her own.  She is a serious protection entity too.  She gets very attached to the people inside the home.  She wants the best for people.  Aoi is VERY active and has high kinetic energies.  We are talking about a lot of electrical disturbances and heavy, heavy static energies.  She can make the hairs on your neck and arms stand on end.  It feels very tingly and "sparkly". Aoi is a very old-fashioned, very disciplined type of woman.  She has a code of honor.  Show respect, get respect.  She is classy, in her way, and without words, she can command the respect and admiration of everyone in the room.  Like magic. She is an extensive Dreamweaver and shows snippets of her life in wildly detailed dreamscapes that can last for hours.  Aoi shares her energy with us easily and expects us to be open with her. She is a true blessing.  She practices the Shinto religion, but that is not a necessity for you.  She is very much interested in Feng Shui practices, and her Japanese Culture.  She does well with tea as an offering.  She is an amazing guardian.  She would do best with someone who understands that and can offer that to her.  Aoi is a very special spirit guide.  She does amazing with the pendulum, the PSB7, and the Ouija board. 

About the doll:  She is a 16" antique stockinette Geisha doll.  She will come with the doll stand.

・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。   ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。*   。*  +   *  ・ 。☆ ☆   *   *   。・  。゚・  ☆゚ ☆   *   *  ・  。゚・  ☆゚ + ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。

IMPORTANT - If you look at a spirit doll and feel a tug in your heart, that is how you know the doll is meant for you. You will feel it in your soul. I can reserve a doll for you for up to 2 weeks while you decide. Email me with any questions you have regarding this doll, or haunted dolls in general. 

FYI:  In my old shop, we had to have a disclaimer explaining that haunted items were "for entertainment purposes only" and this disclaimer is needed for some credit card processors as well - However, you need to know, as a potential buyer/adopter that I am NOT responsible for any paranormal activity that you might experience in your home once you adopt a spirit.  This is serious and many people who do not know what they are doing have had some pretty overwhelming experiences usually due to their own lack of knowledge or understanding about what it means to be a spirit keeper.  If you are under the age of 18, please do some research before trying to adopt a spirit.  As a seller, I will repeat, there are NO REFUNDS on haunted dolls - I will not guarantee that you will have the same experiences as I have had.  but if you know your stuff, do your research, and are prepared for anything, then you will!

Please read our Reviews as well as our FAQs. Thank you so much!

You are buying a doll. It will come shipped to you, well wrapped, and insured.

Nothing is implied and certainly, nothing is guaranteed, Check my FAQ section for questions relating to spirited items.  Message me with any questions you have BEFORE adopting.  

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