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On SALE! Beverly "Bev" Haunted Doll ~ 22" Art Deco Porcelain Vessel ~ Super Needy ~ NYC Socialite ~ Murdered by the Mob

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Beverly prefers to be called BEV.  She came to us from a woman in NY about 6 years ago.  She is high-maintenance because she HATES to be alone.  She needs to be in the same room as a living person as often as possible.  The thing she didn't like about living here was that she could not be in our bedroom.  Mike is allergic to feathers, so I kept her with some other adult spirits upstairs in the office.  She hated that.  Even though she got to hang out with us at work, she did not like NOT being with us all the time.  I totally get it.  She is rather stuck in her trauma.  She was tormented before she was killed.  She had been a dancer at a nightclub, and she was sleeping with a mob boss, but she was also sleeping with a competing mob boss.  It was bound to end this way, but she never thought they would find out about one another.  She was kidnapped from work, taken to a cabin, and really tormented and tortured before they finally allowed her to pass on.  It was merciless.  It was horrific.  She hates to talk about it.  I don't blame her.  Bev deserves to live in a home where she can have real companionship all the time.  She is super talkative and we've heard her sassy NYC accented voice even without the use of tools.  She is funny and she was very talented as a singer.  She died in 1924.  Her body is in a forested area of New York, upstate.  She says there is a house built on the property now, where before there had only been a cabin.  Bev says she regrets that her family still has no idea what happened to her.  They live in England somewhere, and she had not seen them since she was little and sent to live in New York with an aunt.  That aunt died and left her a small home, and lots of money.  She never HAD to work at the nightclub.  She just enjoyed it.  Bev needs a friend who will understand that she really HATES to be left alone and wants to be in the same room as her caregiver as often as possible,  She is an active spirit.  She likes music and movies from the 1920s era,  She would do well with a history buff.  She knows quite a bit about bootlegging and running rum.  her boyfriends were all gangsters.  She has used every communication tool we have offered her.  She is an impressive Dreamweaver and likes to share music and memories.  

About the doll: she is a large 22" art deco style doll.  She will come with a doll stand.  
・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。   ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。*   。*  +   *  ・ 。☆ ☆   *   

・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。   ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。*   。*  +   *  ・ 。☆ ☆   *   *   。・  。゚・  ☆゚ ☆   *   *  ・  。゚・  ☆゚ + ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。

IMPORTANT - If you look at a spirit doll and feel a tug in your heart, that is how you know the doll is meant for you. You will feel it in your soul. I can reserve a doll for you for up to 2 weeks while you decide. Email me with any questions you have regarding this doll, or haunted dolls in general. 

 FYI:  In my old shop, we had to have a disclaimer explaining that haunted items were "for entertainment purposes only" and this disclaimer is needed for some credit card processors as well - However, you need to know, as a potential buyer/adopter that I am NOT responsible for any paranormal activity that you might experience in your home once you adopt a spirit.  This is serious and many people who do not know what they are doing have had some pretty overwhelming experiences usually due to their own lack of knowledge or understanding about what it means to be a spirit keeper.  If you are under the age of 18, please do some research before trying to adopt a spirit.  As a seller, I will repeat, there are NO REFUNDS on haunted dolls - I will not guarantee that you will have the same experiences as I have had.  but if you know your stuff, do your research, and are prepared for anything, then you will!

Please read our Reviews as well as our FAQs. Thank you so much!

You are buying a doll. It will come shipped to you, well wrapped, and insured.

Nothing is implied and certainly, nothing is guaranteed, Check my FAQ section for questions relating to spirited items.  Message me with any questions you have BEFORE adopting.