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Bones for Witches ~ Almost Taxidermy ~ 4 Point Deer Antlers with Attached Skull plate ~ Oddities ~ Weird Stuff

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Have you ever wanted to use real bones in your altar space?  Or perhaps in your spellwork?  Here you go, this was found in the grassy area behind my house and most likely belonged to white-tailed Arizona deer.  You will receive the exact thing in this photo

These are not bleached or cleaned, only basic scrubbing to get the garden dirt off.  These are basically fresh from the ground.  The natural state of decomposing.  Perfect for witchcraft or making something cool.

Creepy cool and weird, perfect for crafts

ok the SIZE, they are BIG, at least 16" across and 7" tall and 16 wide.  BIG.  They will come in a large box.