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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Protection Moon Water Spray ~ Banish Bad Energy ~ Empath Protection ~ Clearing ~ 6 OZ

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These are almost gone.  Moon water is water that is charged by the energy of the moon. Preferably a full moon or super moon, where the energy is heightened. It contains charged crystals, rosemary, dead sea salt, and essential oils. It was made with the specific intent to protect from negative energy and also from dark forces. You can spray on doorways, windowsills, over your bed to protect from nightmares.

A very talented witchy friend of mine made these for the shop, and they are AMAZING. These were blessed under the Full Moon in December 2020 and also under the Lunar Eclipse!

You have your choice of UNSCENTED, Rose, Citrus Rose, Lemon, or Lavender Vanilla!

Cleanse this house and make it clear — Only good may enter here! Blessings grace this cozy place - All joy and peace may it embrace. Infinite Power of the Divine - Protect and bless this house through time! As I will it, so mote it be - This house is blessed - and blessed be.

No Reserves Full Beaver Moon and Lunar Eclipse Protection Smudge Spray ~ Banish Bad Energy ~ Empath Protection ~ Clearing ~ 6 OZ