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Handmade DIY BLACK GLASS Scrying Mirror 12" by 8" Freestanding Hand Hewn Wood Antique Glass ~ Witchy ~ Divination

Handmade DIY BLACK GLASS Scrying Mirror 12" by 8" Freestanding Hand Hewn Wood Antique Glass ~ Witchy ~ Divination

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The word “scrying” usually means to foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective objects or surfaces.  Scrying is an ancient art of divination, and its purpose is to receive information through our psychic abilities by opening our inner eye or using our abilities to receive visions, messages, and information from spirit or spirit realms.  Sometimes, we will receive messages in words, stories, or pictures.

This mirror is the first in a series of scrying mirrors.  This particular one is made from hand-hewn scrolled wood and came from a very old woodworker.  I turned this frame into a handmade black-glass DIY Scrying Mirror.  It is not perfect and they are not new, they are made from very old photo frames and the glass is very old as well.  I feel like the older the glass, the deeper the divination.  Each scryig mirror will be unique and priced to reflect the amount of work that went into making it.  

I did not consecrate these mirrors, as I usually do.  I feel like the buyer will bond better with the tool if they do the consecration themselves.  

I can not reserve these, and when they are gone, they are gone - until I make more! 

*Please note that these mirrors are always sold AS-IS because they are made from antique or vintage glass and frames. There may be blemishes, bubbles, things that you'd expect from 75 year old antique glass in the glass itself depending on the age. This will not prevent you from using the mirror correctly.

I will include a printout of the directions below.

*To Consecrate your Mirror:

There are a few different ways you can consecrate your mirror. Use whatever method works best for you. 

You will need:

mugwort or sage
cauldron (something to burn herbs in)
full moon

Once your circle is cast, bring the cauldron with the burning herbs and the mirror together. Let the smoke flow over the mirror completely.

Clear your mind completely, and while bathing the mirror in the curls of the herbal smoke, envision the mirror awakening to you and your psychic abilities.

Chant the following, 9 times, while you are consecrating the mirror:

Lovely oracle of magick worth,
Fair creature of psychic light,
The truest answers,
you shall bring forth,
You shall be my eyes, my sight
It is done. So mote it be.

LAST STEP, and a very important one: Leave the mirror in the moonlight, under a FULL MOON for as long as possible. This charges the mirror. You can repeat this whenever you feel it necessary. Also, if someone else touches your scrying mirror, you will need to RE-consecrate it. Just follow the above steps again.

*Using Your Scrying Mirror:

Prepare your altar or ritual space. If you wish you can do a full-blown ritual, casting a circle and invoking your deities, but this isn't necessary. If you prefer, skip the formalities and just clear a quiet place. Stand (or sit) in front of your mirror. Put one candle on either side of it and light the candles. Dim the lights. Arrange the candles and mirror so they reflect light on the surface, but so that you can't see your reflection.

When you are ready to begin scrying, stare into the glass, looking for patterns, symbols, or pictures—and don't worry about blinking, it's fine if you do. You may see images moving, or perhaps even words forming. You may have thoughts pop spontaneously into your head, that seem to have nothing at all to do with anything. Perhaps you'll suddenly think about someone you haven't seen in decades. Use your journal, and write everything down. Spend as much time as you like gazing into the mirror—it may be just a few minutes or even an hour. Stop when you begin to feel restless, or if you're getting distracted by mundane things.

When you are finished gazing into the mirror, make sure you have recorded everything you saw, thought, and felt during your scrying session. Messages often come to us from other realms and yet we frequently don't recognize them for what they are. If a bit of information doesn't make sense, don't worry—sit on it for a few days and let your unconscious mind process it. Chances are, it will make sense eventually. It's also possible that you could receive a message that's meant for someone else—if something doesn't seem to apply to you, think about your circle of family and friends, and who the message might be meant for.


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