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Jimmy Haunted Doll ~ 20" Male Bisque Cowboy Doll (wants a horse) ~ Paranormal ~ Funny ~ Hollywood Party Guy ~ Super Positive Energy ~ LGBTQ

Jimmy Haunted Doll ~ 20" Male Bisque Cowboy Doll (wants a horse) ~ Paranormal ~ Funny ~ Hollywood Party Guy ~ Super Positive Energy ~ LGBTQ

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We got Jimmy from a woman in Studio City, CA - she had found the vessel in a home she was selling in Beverly Hills.  A very large, very special home that had tons of junk left inside from the previous tenant.  She has found some interesting items for us in the past, and she knew Jimmy was special.  She kept Jimmy in her home for a few months before sending him to us.  She says she felt his vessel watching her and judging her outfits and that's how she knew he was haunted.  I agree! I have felt him do that as well.  He despises "modern fashion" and he lets us know it.  But Jimmy is a sweetheart!  I adore him, and we have had him for a long time now.  I feel like he would prefer a MUCH livelier (and better-decorated) home than this.  He misses dinner parties and cocktails and he definitely misses having a social life.  And we have none.  We basically work 7 days a week and the closest thing we have to dinner parties is having a handful of friends over here doing investigation work while eating pizza pockets.  Jimmy is CLASSY and FANCY and he lets us know he is "slumming it" with us, all in jest, of course. Or more of a tongue-in-cheek jab at our lack of refinery here?  He is more sarcastic than I am and I thought I was a professional.  He is also the master of throwing shade in the absolute nicest way.  I mean, he is used to dinner parties at Joan Crawford's house and antiquing and hand-painted designer wallpaper.  We are certainly "the help" in his eyes.  Jimmy was a "kept man" in his day.  His partner was a famous movie star in the 20s and 30s, and all he had to do was "look pretty".  this was FAR before it was acceptable to be openly gay, even in Hollywood.  Some studios would marry off their gay actors to straight women to make sure there would be no scandals in the tabloids.  That happened for YEARS.  They even had "moral contracts" to sign to make sure their "public" persona was never caught doing anything even slightly scandalous.  That's just how it was in those early days.  Jimmy and his partner were renegades in that arena.  His partner was the famous one, and he made sure to always be labeled as an eligible bachelor, but he refused to pretend.  Everyone in the studio knew he was "married" to Jimmy.  And they stayed together until Jimmy's death in 1973.  Jimmy had a lavish life and after his partner retired from movies, they had an interior design business that really was special.  Look through old celebrity magazines from the 30s and 40s and you will see their work.  Jimmy is one of those big-time kinetic energy generators.  He loves to play with the electricity.  He likes to flicker the bulbs or change the channel or turn up the radio.  He communicates well and he absolutely has that "wealthy people" Hollywood accent.  The kind of voice you would hear in the oldest movies, like in the 1930s.  He shows himself in human form, wearing a velvet smoking robe and matching slippers.  We often get the smell of Cuban cigars and alcohol when we communicate with him.  He REALLY likes old music, like really old, think the 1920s to 1940s mostly.  He says the world "lost its class" when "rock and roll" became popular.  I can see why he thinks that.  He is from the Golden Age of cinema so, yeah, the whole world did get different after Elvis (he HATES Elvis).  One thing about him is he has nothing but good energy - even when he is insulting your decor or your outfit - it's all good.  He is a good person and a good friend.  He deserves the best in life.  OH! You need to know that Jimmy died by suicide and his partner took his own life shortly afterward - and he has been unable to find his partner in the realm of the dead, but he says he can FEEL him.  I'm guessing that one day, if Jimmy ever crosses over, perhaps then they can be together.  Jimmy says being stuck in this realm is his punishment for leaving his partner all alone, effectively forcing his partner's hand to follow the same path.  He feels very guilty about it.  I think once he forgives himself, he will be able to cross over.  hopefully.  Jimmy is looking for a home that matches his personality.  Might be hard to find, but he says HE is looking.  So pay attention to your dreams.  He is extremely dapper, you will know him when you see him.  The spirit box and Ouija work great with him, but he also likes the companionship of one on one telepathy and dream weaving.  He will make himself be heard, he is just that type of guy.  

About the doll:  Jimmy is a 20" bisque male doll, and he will NOT come with a doll stand. He is handmade and signed by the artist.  He is one of a kind and I think his vessel was made to ride a horse.  He keeps asking for a horse.  But he can sit on his own too.  

・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。   ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。*   。*  +   *  ・ 。☆ ☆   *   

・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。   ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。*   。*  +   *  ・ 。☆ ☆   *   *   。・  。゚・  ☆゚ ☆   *   *  ・  。゚・  ☆゚ + ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。

IMPORTANT - If you look at a spirit doll and feel a tug in your heart, that is how you know the doll is meant for you. You will feel it in your soul. I can reserve a doll for you for up to 2 weeks while you decide. Email me with any questions you have regarding this doll, or haunted dolls in general. 

 FYI:  In my old shop, we had to have a disclaimer explaining that haunted items were "for entertainment purposes only" and this disclaimer is needed for some credit card processors as well - However, you need to know, as a potential buyer/adopter that I am NOT responsible for any paranormal activity that you might experience in your home once you adopt a spirit.  This is serious and many people who do not know what they are doing have had some pretty overwhelming experiences usually due to their own lack of knowledge or understanding about what it means to be a spirit keeper.  If you are under the age of 18, please do some research before trying to adopt a spirit.  As a seller, I will repeat, there are NO REFUNDS on haunted dolls - I will not guarantee that you will have the same experiences as I have had.  but if you know your stuff, do your research, and are prepared for anything, then you will!

Please read our Reviews as well as our FAQs. Thank you so much!

You are buying a doll. It will come shipped to you, well wrapped, and insured.

Nothing is implied and certainly, nothing is guaranteed, Check my FAQ section for questions relating to spirited items.  Message me with any questions you have BEFORE adopting.  

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