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Limited Edition Spirit Communication Candles ~ Fluorite Carved Ghost Crystal and Amethyst ~ Perfect for Haunted Dolls, Spirit Guides and Ancestors!

Limited Edition Spirit Communication Candles ~ Fluorite Carved Ghost Crystal and Amethyst ~ Perfect for Haunted Dolls, Spirit Guides and Ancestors!

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The candles are intended to help you connect with your haunted dolls, your ancestors, and your spirit guides.  Perfect for the thinning of the veil.  They smell like autumn nights, and they are truly designed for meditation and dream communications.  The herbs and crystals help you to open your third eye and assist with divination, attain wisdom, and communicate with your ancestors and spirit guides.  I only made a handful of these. They are not reservable. When they are gone, they are gone. Use on your altar.  Take the crystals out before lighting, and make a ritual of it  Ask your guides to help you charge these intentions, and then light the candle to release the energies.

There are USABLE crystals inside *please remove them before burning!*.

We used Fluorite and Amethyst because of their dream-enhancing properties and the ability to guide your path in the other realms.  

These candles are made with intense intention and intricate spellwork.  Light the candle to fill your home with a fall essence: pumpkin, bergamot, and apple cinnamon scent and powerful protection energy.   

These candles are made with a blend of Intention oil that contains Magick Moon Oil and Abrahemlin Oil.  Some of the spell ingredients (the entire list is way too long) are lilac, lavender, cornflower, motherwort, vervain, yarrow, rosemary, angelica, mugwort, rue, and mandrake.  Below is a description of *some* of the herbs...

Mugwort is a popular herb used in divination and spirit communication. Mugwort enhances psychic abilities and facilitates communication between the living and the dead. In parts of Europe, it was believed to have protective properties against evil spirits and witches. It was often hung in doorways or placed under pillows to ward off negative energy and promote good dreams. Keeping a sprig of mugwort around can enhance dreams, which can be a powerful way to communicate with the other side.
Yarrow was often called "devil's nettle" in English folklore because people believed that it was so bitter it could drive away evil spirits. It was also popular in folk magic and divination. The relationship between yarrow and the spirit realm is a long one, and in modern-day Iraq, there is a grave for a Neanderthal man that was full of pollen from different flowers, one of which was yarrow.
Angelica is a plant that can easily be incorporated into ancestor work because it has both a purifying and protective effect, which is very important when working with the other side. In some British traditions, angelica was hung in the home to ward off evil and promote good health. It was also believed that angelica could protect against contagious diseases like the plague.
The witchcraft community underutilizes rue, despite its great properties. Rue is often used for ridding oneself of negative habits and behaviors due to its spiritual healing properties. Rue is also sometimes used in love magic to enhance an existing relationship or promote self-love. Because rue enhances emotional sensitivity, it is a great herb to use for spirit communication.
In the medieval era, mandrake was associated with the devil and thought to have potent magical properties. According to some legends, when pulled from the ground, the root of the mandrake would scream in agony. Anyone who heard the scream would die or go insane. To harvest the mandrake safely, they would have a dog uproot it, while they covered their ears. Carrying mandrake root is thought to increase your magnetism which can help to draw spirits near.

Burning these candles will stimulate energy flow and enhance your psychic abilities, amplify your thoughts, and help you channel and communicate with spirits and deities.

Ritual Suggestions

1. When lighting your candle repeat your affirmations.

2. Set your intentions by writing down the things that you want to manifest. Then read your intentions over your candle.

3. Use your candles during spiritual baths or while meditating.

4. New Moons & Full Moons are great times to set your intentions.

5. You can charge the crystals inside your candles during the New Moon and Full Moon by setting the candles outside under the moonlight during those times.

✨ You’ve got to believe in yourself and believe in the magick. These candles are to help you focus on your own power and enhance your own magick.

✨ Per The Rules, I need to tell you that you are buying a candle full of herbs, crystals, and oils - it is a curio, and no healing or miracles are implied.

✨ For Entertainment Purposes ONLY This is not a cure or a diagnosis for anything. Also because of the nature of this spellwork, I cannot guarantee a certain outcome for you.


+ Do not burn unattended.
+ Dressed candles have flammable additions (herbs/oils) that can catch fire
+ Don’t burn for more than 4 hours at a time or leave it unattended.
+ Do not burn past the last 1/4” at the base of the candle to prevent the combustion of flammable additions at the bottom of the container.
+ Always burn your candle supervised on a heatproof plate or votive glass.
+ Keep away from children or pets. My dogs find these candles very tasty!
+ Trim wicks to 1/8th inch each time before burning.
+ Extinguish completely when leaving the room.
+ Keep out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
+ Careful monitoring is required and it is always best to burn on a heat-safe surface

Not for consumption, keep away from kids and pets.

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