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Mermaid Fairy Sculpture OOAK Clay Art Doll ~ Cloisonné Enamel Mermaid Tail ~ Figure Figurine ~ Fantasy ~ Siren ~ Sea Nymph~ NO RESERVES

Mermaid Fairy Sculpture OOAK Clay Art Doll ~ Cloisonné Enamel Mermaid Tail ~ Figure Figurine ~ Fantasy ~ Siren ~ Sea Nymph~ NO RESERVES

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Pretty little mermaid. She has long flowing curly purple mohair, with beautiful detail to her face, she's adorable! 7" from head to tail - This is a beautiful doll or ornament. Her body is sculpted clay - Looks like her left arm has been glued back on (see photo) Her tail is movable and made from actual enameled brass cloisonne! She is especially fascinating because of the movement of her tail. On her back, someone has engraved “Judith R or A Ann” (see photo) On eBay and in other Etsy shops, these "teacup" mermaids and fairies are selling for $275 or more.

This is the most AMAZING "Teacup Mermaid" that I have ever seen. Her highly detailed tail-half is made up of tiny articulating metal scales like an Armored Dragon's Tail. Sort of like what you might see on a Medieval suit of armor made for Royalty, where the arms, legs, and torso might need to bend but still offer the wearer protection from battle! VERY COOL!  

No chips, cracks or damage. *We will be having a few more of these in the future* NO RESERVES ON THIS ITEM The mermaid is found in all Western countries; she is the German Meriminni or Meerfrau, the Icelandic Marmenill, the Danish Maremind, the Irish Merow, and many others, and there are echoes of her story from the East as well. The Matsyanaris figures sometimes found sculptured in Indian temples, are nymphs with fishes’ tails, and superstitious Chinese sailors firmly believe in the existence of similar creatures in the China sea. The Sirens of today, including the mermaid that calls to us from almost every urban corner, claim a long and rich ancestry, that dates back to a multitude of fish-tailed gods and goddesses of some of the man's earliest civilizations. The sea, as the womb of creation and the source of unfathomable wisdom, has always played an important role in world beliefs, particularly among maritime nations. The Gods of the sea are among some of the most powerful in history and their strength lives on in a host of submarine beings symbolic of the shifting, ever-changing, dual nature of the sea as both life-giver and destroyer. In Greek mythology, sirens are sea nymphs who possess the bodies of birds and the heads of women and are the daughters of the sea god Phorcys. Sirens had such sweet voices that it is said that mariners who heard their songs were lured into grounding their boats on the rocks on which the beautiful nymphs sang. 

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