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Reserved Samantha 3/18 Vienna Haunted Doll ~ 17" Unusual Hard Plastic Bride Fashion Doll 1960s ~ Paranormal ~ Drug Death ~ Rainbow Family ~ in the 70s ~ Loves Music

Reserved Samantha 3/18 Vienna Haunted Doll ~ 17" Unusual Hard Plastic Bride Fashion Doll 1960s ~ Paranormal ~ Drug Death ~ Rainbow Family ~ in the 70s ~ Loves Music

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Vienna is a weird one, but I like her.  She was given to us by a woman up in Apple Valley, CA - part of the "Rainbow Family" from back in the day.  Look them up if you don't already know about them.  As a teenager, I spent a lot of time with rainbow people from all over the world up and down the east coast.  Vienna was a rainbow person too.  She is a somewhat strange woman.  She died in 1974 up in northern California.  We think she was on a weed farm when she passed.  It was an overdose for sure.  Her fiance was blamed for her death, but she is adamant that he had nothing to do with it.  Vienna doesn't understand that he was blamed for it because he was there, not because he did it.  He was blamed because she was only 16and she should not have been doing all those drugs in the presence of full-grown adults.  THAT'S why her family and friends were mad, but we have tried going over this again and again and she doesn't get it.  We think this is the thing she is stuck on, the thing that keeps her tied to this realm.  Vienna was named Mary at birth, but her mother joined of the many "communities" up in NorCal and renamed all of her children and herself.  They grew up feral and free, much as I did - but there was a rough element in the group she was in.  Vienna took off at 13 and started living with a man twice her age.  Her mother did not put up much of a fight about it, because they believed in free will for everyone.  In my opinion, she was complicit in her daughter's demise.  By 14 she was addicted to cocaine and heroin.  Dead by 16.  THAT'S when her mom and her old friends started to care, but still, they did not care enough.  Vienna is a sweet girl but she grew up WAY too fast.  I feel bad for her.  She has been through so many traumas but doesn't even recognize it as trauma.  She just sees it as regular life, thanks to her mom.  She can get emotional when we talk about her death, so we try to avoid that.  She can get emotional at the drop of a hat, so be aware that she is intense with the sharing of emotions.  We can FEEL whatever mood she is in.  She lets us know it.  Vienna is highly communicative and she needs to feel part of a group - remember she was raised as a baby inside a drug-filled hippy commune, and then "ran away" to the worse one next door.  She needs that tight-knit group feeling cuz that's what she knows to be "family".   She loves animals and she has a very green thumb.  She can help with plants and herbs and she loves offerings of dried and fresh herbs.  Vienna does well with dream weaving and telepathy.  She does really well with the PSB7 and the Ouija.  She can do automatic writing too!  We adore her and we think other people will too.  I feel like she would benefit from someone who has also dealt with a commune or a group[ living situation, it is important to her.  She does AMAZING with musical triggers, anything from about 1965 to 1974.  

About the doll:  She is 17" tall, and she will NOT come with a doll stand.  She is a 1960s Bride Doll.  

・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。   ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。*   。*  +   *  ・ 。☆ ☆   *   *   。・  。゚・  ☆゚ ☆   *   *  ・  。゚・  ☆゚ + ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚。

IMPORTANT - If you look at a spirit doll and feel a tug in your heart, that is how you know the doll is meant for you. You will feel it in your soul. I can reserve a doll for you for up to 2 weeks while you decide. Email me with any questions you have regarding this doll, or haunted dolls in general. 

FYI:  In my old shop, we had to have a disclaimer explaining that haunted items were "for entertainment purposes only" and this disclaimer is needed for some credit card processors as well - However, you need to know, as a potential buyer/adopter that I am NOT responsible for any paranormal activity that you might experience in your home once you adopt a spirit.  This is serious and many people who do not know what they are doing have had some pretty overwhelming experiences usually due to their own lack of knowledge or understanding about what it means to be a spirit keeper.  If you are under the age of 18, please do some research before trying to adopt a spirit.  As a seller, I will repeat, there are NO REFUNDS on haunted dolls - I will not guarantee that you will have the same experiences as I have had.  but if you know your stuff, do your research, and are prepared for anything, then you will!

Please read our Reviews as well as our FAQs. Thank you so much!

You are buying a doll. It will come shipped to you, well wrapped, and insured.

Nothing is implied and certainly, nothing is guaranteed, Check my FAQ section for questions relating to spirited items.  Message me with any questions you have BEFORE adopting.  

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